Maui School of Therapeutic Massage

Maui School of Therapeutic Massage was founded in 1995 by Linda Sola, LMT, who received her training in Canada. As such, her background in massage therapy was very strong clinically (Canada requires 2200 hours of training, 3000 hours in British Columbia). Her goal in creating the MSTM curriculum was to present this clinical orientation along with a good diversity of modalities. Linda is credited with creating a well integrated curriculum and a very effective clinical model with the MSTM Student Clinic. The Student Clinic is the largest and most popular of its kind on Maui, frequented by Maui residents and visitors for quality and affordable massage therapy. The Student Clinic is also an integral part of the student’s development as a massage therapist, providing the opportunity to apply the techniques they are learning, and also gain experience working with clients with real conditions and needs. During Linda’s ownership from 1995 t0 2006, the school graduated over 650 massage therapists in 30 classes. Its graduates are employed by spas, resorts, chiropractic, medical centers, and massage therapy clinics on Maui and around the world.

MSTM Ownership Change in 2006

On July 1, 2006,¬† Jim Hackett became the owner of Maui School of Therapeutic Massage. Jim had been co-owner and co-director of the Chicago School of Massage Therapy from 1981-1997, so he was back in a familiar position as director of MSTM. After completing a remodel of the lobby and facilities and adding a classroom, Jim also refined the program and developed the school’s advanced training programs. He integrated concepts and practices of Conscious Touch Skills, Wellness, Bodymind Fitness, and Therapeutic Exercise into the program. He instituted an 800-hour program option with opportunities for specialization in Lomi Lomi, Asian Bodywork, and Myofascial &¬†Structural Bodywork. The innovative approach to learning musculoskeletal anatomy, Anatomy in Clay, developed by artist Jon Zahourek, has also been brought into the program as the main method of learning in the Anatomy & Kinesiology segment.

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