For a professional quality therapeutic massage, schedule an appointment with our licensed Massage Therapists who are also graduates of MSTM. Our Professional Clinic is staffed by a committed team of therapists who continue to further their education and experience through advanced training. Appointments are available Monday through Friday. Clients may choose from a variety of modalities at our basic rates:

  • $80 for 1 hour


Integrated Therapeutic Massage
Our therapists are skilled at incorporating various techniques such as Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage to formulate a unique, personalized, and integrated treatment, helping your body unwind and open into an optimal state of relaxation.

Lomi Lomi
This traditional Hawaiian healing art of massage uses broad, rhythmic, flowing strokes, with dance-like fluidity, to increase lymphatic and cardiovascular circulation, promote relaxation, and envelop your being with the spirit of aloha.

Deep Tissue
Therapists draw from techniques such as neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, facilitated stretching, and other modalities to release tight muscles and associated tissues, reduce pain and tension, increase range of motion, and improve postural alignment and muscular balance, supporting you in achieving your therapeutic goals.

Clinical Therapeutic Massage
Ideal for one seeking specific treatment for chronic pain or minor soft tissue injury such as low back pain, rotator cuff injury, whiplash, neck pain, tendonitis, etc. The therapist utilizes orthopedic assessment to understand postural patterns and body usage, and then formulates a strategy utilizing orthopedic massage techniques to address the client’s area(s) of interest.

Pregnancy Massage
Our therapist’s attentive, nurturing touch honors mother and baby during this special time, and may help relieve her of the normal aches and discomforts associated with pregnancy. This therapeutic massage can improve sleep and support the overall sense of well-being of the mother-to-be.

Sports Massage
Pre-event sports
massage helps to optimize athletic performance by increasing circulation, warming the muscles/tissues, increasing range of motion and flexibility, and enhancing the overall state of the athlete’s well-being.
Post-event sports massage is ideal after intense training or competition, reducing recovery time from soreness by increasing circulation, reducing cramps, releasing tight muscle groups, and promoting an overall state of relaxation.
Maintenance Sports Massage assists the athlete or “weekend warrior” in maintaining optimum circulation, flexibility, and tone, reducing the effects of training, helping to prevent injury and keeping the body at a high level of function for optimal performance. Techniques may focus on specific areas of stress or minor injuries and may include deep tissue, therapeutic stretching or any of the modalities listed above.


To schedule an appointment and for more information, call us at 808-572-2277.



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