MSTM accepts students or therapists from other states who have had previous training and wish to further their training, receive certification from MSTM, and/or establish eligibility for taking the Hawaii State Massage Therapy Licensing Exam. Transfer students wishing to apply may complete a Transfer Student application (no fee) and have their previous training evaluated by the Director. An official transcript outlining prior training should be submitted with the application.



A proposal for completing MSTM’s requirements for certification or establishing Hawaii state exam eligibility will be discussed with the applicant. The school can grant credit for previous academic or massage education. The amount of such credit is determined on a case-by-case basis. The Hawaii State guidelines are such that credit can be given for coursework taken at a state-approved school of massage or accredited institution, college, or university.



Students transferring credit may be required to pass written or practical exams administered by MSTM in the courses being transferred. Because we typically have several certification programs in session at any time, and also offer advanced trainings and continuing education, we are generally able to offer a variety of options to transfer students, as well as meet their preferences in areas of study. We also offer the option of completing hours through our clinical internship program, which can help to reduce the overall tuition costs.



To apply for admission as a transfer student, contact us (email or call 808-572-1888) and request an application. We will be happy to work with you!

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